Bronze engraved earrings

Bronze engraved earrings


  • Handmade jewelry
  • Bronze
  • 3 engraved patterns: the bird, the cherries, the flower


These earrings are handmade in bronze.

I designed 3 different patterns for this collection: the cherries, the bird and the flower.
You will find these patterns on the bracelets of the same collection.
The bronze pieces are assembled with 14carats gold filled findings. 

These earrings are very ligth and small (2,5×1,3cm / 1,1X0,5inches).



To make my jewelry, I use bronze that I model, sculpt, fire in a high temperature oven.
Then, I polish it and I protect the bronze jewelry using beeswax.



My jewelry are guaranted without allergens.



Jewelry are packaged in a small black box and are carefully delivered.



Jewelry are delivered by LA POSTE, in followed letters.
Delivery time for France: 2 to 3 days.
Delivery time for international : 5 to 8 days according to the country.