Miss M. is the fruit of a young self-taught jeweller who wanted to realize her dream and to go into the creation of artisan jewelry.

Her jewelry is unique and entirely handmade, from design to manufacturing. They are made with the technique of sintering, using metal clay.

In the creation of her jewelry, Miss M. combines old metals – silver and bronze – with new manufacturing techniques and technologies. Hence, original and durable jewels are born, respectful of the planet and the humans.

Our approach

From the imagination…

Miss M. find her inspiration mainly in the nature that surrounds her every day. Flowers, leaves, animals and other natural elements are found in her jewelry. Tribal inspirations, especially from South American can be mingled to natural elements.

“Many of my jewelry is imagined from the beauty of nature. I am lucky to live in a city surrounded by mountains and when I go for a walk or hike, I often come back with an idea of ​​jewel in my mind”

missm bijoux
séchage bijoux missm

…To the manufacturing

Miss M. makes all her jewelry out of bronze and silver clay. She works finely this clay, composed of metal (silver or bronze) and an organic binder, in order to give shape to the jewel. After one night of drying, the jewel is polished by hand to refine the details before cooking. Two-step cooking first removes this binder and then melts the metal particles together in order to obtain a 100% metal jewel. Finally, each jewel is carefully polished to give it its final brilliance.

To create to you unique jewelry !

Because we believe that there is a jewel for everyone, we are committed to creating unique jewelery that meets your desires and expectations.

Our values



  • Handmade

All our jewelry is handmade in our workshop in Grenoble (FRANCE)

  • Responsible

In an approach of responsible economy and short circuits, Miss M. buys from French suppliers. We favor raw materials from France or Europe.



  • Ecological

Miss M. makes her jewelry with respect for the planet by ensuring that the ecological impact is as low as possible. The silver jewelry is made from recycled 925 silver.

  • Committed

A responsible and ecological production as well as an artisanal production for com- mitted jewels!

Our engagements

An ecofriendly manufacturing

When we manufacture our jewelry, we prefer the short circuits, as well as recycled or natural materials. We mainly use local suppliers, use recycled metals from electronic components, use seeds as natural pearls, and pay particular attention to the ecological impact of our jewelry production. For the other materials, we carefully check their origin, in order to avoid using materials presenting a health risk or having been manufactured in countries that do not respect human rights.

Quality jewelry

Miss M. vigorously selects its raw materials to offer jewelry of qualities, durable and allergen free.

  • For 925 silver jewelry: we use recycled silver, made by a Japanese company. The findings and chains used with silver jewelry are also in silver 925 and come from France or Europe.
  • For bronze jewelry: we use bronze (90% copper, 10% tin) manufactured and packaged in France. The findings and chains used with the bronze jewelry are in 14 carat gold filled. The 14 carat gold filled is a gold plating on a brass base, more resistant than a classic gold plating. These findings and chains come from the United States where the 14 carat gold filled is widespread.
A genuine transparency

We are committed to the greatest transparency with our customers regarding our manufacturing process, the nature and origin of the materials used. As we control all the steps of the manufacturing of our jewelry: from the choice of raw materials to jewelry finishing, we are able to provide you with all the information relating to the manufacture or composition of the jewelry.

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